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What’s My Favorite Word?!


Resilience. My new favorite word. After turning in my CaPP Institute final exam package, I took some time to reflect on how much I’ve learned about myself and how to help others through the study of Positive Psychology. We had an entire course dedicated to the “Brilliance of Resilience”, and I LOVED every single session of it. I’ve always known myself to be a “put your big girl pants on, and keep it moving” kind of girl, ya know. However, when I realized there was an actual word to define this, I… was… THRILLED. At *coughs* years old, I am happy to say…

I’m Chianti Lomax, and I am a resilient millennial!

Let’s Talk Resilience!

Resilient people are able to experience tough emotions like pain, sorrow, frustration, and grief without falling apart—in fact, some people are able to look at challenging times with optimism and hope, knowing that their hardships will lead to personal growth and an expanded outlook on life.

What’s interesting about many people that I meet or interact with is their abhorrence for positivity and yearning for negativity (or drama). You can hear it in their day-to-day conversations, see it in their lives, and read it on their social media pages. They get excited about celebrity woes and scandals, and are annoyed by folks who are committed to spreading light, joy, peace, and good energy. I’ve heard people flat out say to me, “I hate people who always act like things are perfect in their lives on social media.” *Dora the Explorer stare – blinks twice*

So here’s the thing…

You never know the battles people are facing or the energy it takes to fight for their optimism. Some people would prefer NOT to focus on what’s wrong in order to get to what’s right. Some people are not restricted by what they cannot control, but are empowered by what they can.

Positive Psychology teaches us to focus on what makes us happier or fulfilled, not to ignore our issues, but to face them head-on armed with the hope that things do actually get better! The next time you feel the urge to judge someone else’s perceived happiness, take one step back and consider the hardships they may be facing. Applaud them for choosing to be optimistic and hopeful.

Resilience is to be celebrated, not hated.

Just saying…


Your resident Happiness Hacker + Positivity Pusher + Coffee Crusader


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