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My Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is rooted in the science of Positive Psychology. My goal is to equip you with life strategies and evidence-based tools to build a life that allows you to thrive. As a coach, I serve as your co-pilot on your journey towards self-awareness which allows you to connect with your ideal self, recognize your challenges, and curate practical action steps that are grounded in your values, strengths, and purpose. My mission to help you define your own version of happiness while developing a road map to get there.

Why I focus on Happiness?

According Sonja Lyubomirsky, Author of the How of Happiness, happiness is “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well­being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.” Basically, it’s bigger than just feeling good. It actually improves other areas of our lives. Interesting right?! If you think that’s impressive, here are a few ways that research has said happiness impacts us. Studies show that:

  • Happy people make more moolah (aka money) and are more productive at work.
  • Happy people are less likely to get sick, and they live longer. (Being happy is good for your health. Who knew?!)
  • Happiness is good for our relationships: Happy people are more likely to get married and have fulfilling marriages, and they have more friends. (All my single ladies, all my….Too old of a reference? OK that’s fine.)
  • Happy people are more charitable.
  • Happy people cope better with stress and trauma. (Ask anyone who has survived a terminal illness!)
  • Happy people are more creative and are better able to see the big picture.


Coffee + Happy Strategy Session

Sometimes you need a quick pow-wow to work through a lofty professional goal. Or maybe you’re just looking to have coffee with a friend to deconstruct a recent case of the blahs that’s overtaken your week. If you’re a personal development junkie and already understand the wonderful world of coaching, but you’re in need of a mini-breakthrough – this session is for you!  

This strategy session is a 50-minute coaching opportunity that gives you the chance to sit down with a positive psychology practitioner and personal development coach (oh, thats me!) – to unpack obstacles or challenges that are blocking your pursuit of happiness in your personal and/or professional life. Book your session TODAY and let’s get your happiness back on the move.

This session Includes:

  • One private 50-minute virtual or in-person session
  • One detailed follow-up coaching email exchange

*In-person sessions are premium priced due to travel costs and expenses.

Thrive Well: 1:1 Coaching

When you are ready to make a major life shift, sometimes you need a little more help to unpack those emotional and sometimes physical obstacles that are standing in your way! For the goal-getter who is ready to invest in an on-going, high energy, custom coaching experience, I offer a limited number of 3 and 6 month individualized coaching packages. Let’s get together and start creating your Thrive Well  action plan ASAP! 

Thrive Well Coaching Packages Include:

  • A complimentary call to determine schedule, coaching guidelines, client goals
  • Bi-monthly over the phone coaching sessions. Each session is recorded and provided to you to help you remain present and in the moment
  • Supplementary “homework” activities specifically designed to move you closer to your personal and/or professional goals
  • Unlimited virtual coaching via email as needed

Happy Collective Coaching Circle Experience

The Happy Collective Coaching Circle is for you if:

  • You are tired of waiting to happy and fulfilled in your life.
  • You have HUGE dreams that are baking inside of you but don’t have the support to get them off the ground.
  • You are tired of setting personal and development goals, but execution has been your greatest downfall.
  • You know your purpose, but need a tribe to help you birth it into fruition.
  • You keep telling yourself that you would love to make a change in your life, but don’t know where to start.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with the many things that are on your plate and you can’t figure out how to put you back on top as a priority?
  • You are unhappy in your current job and would like to something that brings joy to your day to day life.